Boiseries Algonquin has crafted a generous offer for contractors and distributors. A manufacturer of wood mouldings and staircase components, Algonquin is a solid Quebec reference for construction and millwork. Professionals, you’re invited to come discover an astonishing variety of products and… prices that are just right for you!

What will you find at Boiseries Algonquin?

Wood mouldings

As contractors and distributors, we can supply you with over 200 models of wood mouldings made from top-quality raw materials. We carefully select our suppliers to bring you the very best made in Québec.

You can choose from mouldings in a variety of species: maple, cherry, yellow birch, oak, poplar and knotty pine, as well as exclusive species. The list is long and the possibilities are endless!

Do you prefer originality? Are your customers interested in sculptural or standard ornamentation? You’ll find something to suit every project, backed by over 20 years of recognized expertise.

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MDF mouldings

Boiseries Algonquin offers excellent quality MDF and jointed pine mouldings. More affordable than wood mouldings, MDF mouldings are also appreciated for their style and impressive range of sizes and profiles.

You can opt for baseboards, casings, quarter-rounds, ogees and other architectural elements in MDF. As an alternative to solid wood, MDF is an isotropic material with homogeneous characteristics, making it popular with professionals and homeowners alike.

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Staircase components and finishing accessories

Stair treads with rounded nosing, Zen stairs, risers, handrails, balustrades: there’s a vast range of staircase components at Boiseries Algonquin. Made from premium-quality wood, our staircase components can be part of a complete staircase layout or delivered as sum total products.

You or your customers may want to stain or paint mouldings or staircase components. With Algonquin, there’s no need to run to the hardware store. We also stock glues, stains, brushes, wood fillers, varnishes and various accessories. We even offer screws and screw cover caps for woodwork installation. Quality, diversity and convenience go hand in hand with our products and… with our benefits reserved for industry professionals!

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What’s the upside for you?

If you’re a contractor or distributor, doing business with Boiseries Algonquin will allow you to find what you’re looking for and save plenty.

Contractors, as soon as you open your account, you’ll receive 5% off on all our in-store and online products every time you order! Distributors, you can count on special prices at all times!

Of course, we know that cost management is fundamental for contractors and distributors, but we also recognize that many other factors come into play. That’s why we’ve designed offers that are specially tailored for professionals, and why we dedicate a qualified team to meet their needs.

All professionals benefit from definite advantages when they choose Boiseries Algonquin:

  • Quantity discounts
  • Access as early as 6:30 a.m.
  • Priority delivery
  • Prepared orders
  • Extensive inventory of quality products
  • An especially dedicated team.
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