Available in a vast array of models, mouldings have many uses. They are used not only to decorate rooms, but also to fulfill several functions, whether they are installed on walls, ceilings, at the corners of walls or even on floors. That’s why we love them so much!

An essential component of a successful decoration project (in our opinion), mouldings are here to stay. They can be found in such a wide variety of shapes, colours and styles that it can sometimes seem complicated to find your way around.

Knowing all the options available on the market will allow you to choose your next mouldings or use those you already have to embellish your living spaces… according to your tastes and budget.

Uses for mouldings

Mouldings can be used to:

  • Enhance the look of a room
  • Confer character
  • Hide joists, joints and other unsightly construction components
  • Give the illusion of a transition from wall to floor
  • Frame a door

You can use your imagination and creativity to create striking decorative effects with mouldings… throughout your home!


Picture rails

Mouldings can be used to create decorative frames around objects. Your wall lamps will take on a whole new aspect when framed by attractive mouldings. You can also glue various types on walls to outline wallpaper, add relief or create a unique decor.

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Another decorative item, paneling moulding can cover a wall in whole or in part to confer character to a room and heighten its relief. The moulding can then be painted the desired color to complement the rest of the decor.

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Decorative moulding


Capping the tops of the walls, moulding installed at the junction of the wall and the ceiling serves to correct imperfections and crown the tops of rooms. It can also give an air of grandeur.

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Outside corner moulding

This type of moulding installed at the junction of walls forming a perpendicular angle transforms a decor. Several categories are available: rosette, crown, cove…

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Some factors to consider when choosing the right mouldings

To choose your mouldings well, you will have to consider various factors including, of course, your personal taste in decoration and your budget.

The most important criteria after that are:

  • Materials: Several materials can be used, such as vinyl, plaster, wood, MDF, etc. to create different styles, from the most classic to the most extravagant.
  • The model: Pre-painted moulding, textured colour moulding, etc.
  • Width: Narrow, wide or discreet, mouldings come in various sizes to create different effects.

For more advice on mouldings and decoration, do not hesitate to contact us!

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